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Drug Addiction Recovery Celebration

A remarkable recovery story of a woman who has battled a drug addiction and survived cancer...News 12's Brittany Larson was there for the celebration for the treatment of her addiction and the graduation of Drug Court.Tracy Brown has been though many ups and downs in her lifetime...Tracy Brown says... "Put it this way... a lot of people thought I'd be dead at this time in my life.I started using drugs at the very young at of 11."But now many years later... today represents the light at the end of a very long tunnel when she graduated from drug court.Tracy Brown says... "I wanted to change I had the drive and the motivation to quit drinking and to quit using drugs but I'm an addict... I couldn't do it alone."Along with her continuous battle with her drug addiction Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2007 and upon doing further testing they discovered she had brain cancer as well as ovarian cancer...Tracy Brown says..."I wanted to overdose... I wanted to die, I figured my kids were better off they were in a foster home, I had no divers license, my house was repossessed from mortgage company and had went through all my chemo but they weren't sure if it would work...But the chemotherapy did work and in June of 2009 Brown's doctor gave her a clean bill of health making it nothing short of a miracle.Kevin Mettler says... "The biggest thing that sets anyone apart from anybody that has an addiction is when you are ready to make a change in your life and to go after it as hard as you can with everything you have and that's what Tracy did... she knew she wanted to live."And after 19 months of the drug court program she is the example of hope to many others and for that she has no regrets...Tracy Brown says..."Without my past I wouldn't have my future and I always have to remember where I came from and the road I traveled because what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.A message of true perseverance and the willingness to never give up.In Mankato, Brittany Larson News 12.

Drug Addiction Recovery Celebration
A remarkable recovery story of a woman who has battled a drug addiction and survived cancer...
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